Project Description

Bowyer Engineering has more than 65 years experience in designing and producing Special Purpose Machines. These projects can range from R&D concept development projects through to KPV driven bespoke production machines. We enjoy the challenge of satisfying the demands of the customer by designing, building and commissioning Special Purpose Machines to meet their needs.

Applications include machines for assembly; wax pinning machines; inhibiting rigs

Bowyer Engineering Inhibiting Rig

(29001H / IAE1R18757); traverse systems; composite manufacture; calibration spinning rigs; laboratory inspection equipment; probe manipulators; pick and place; and many more.
Bowyer Engineering is proud to have cutting edge technology development projects evolving in both the Manufacturing Technology Centre and the National Composite Centre. We have experience in supporting gated technology development programmes, from proof of concept to prototype through to production phases.

We work closely with controls integrators to provide electromechanical solutions, with recent specialisation in application of servo controlled linear motors, to provide precision XYZ robotic motion.