Turbine Instrumentation – Rakes and Probes for pressure & temperature measurement


Bowyer Engineering have the capability to manufacture and project manage the complete process. Manufacturing and assembling the thermocouples and pressure tubing into the fully machined rakes. Project managing, monitoring and taking ownership of any subcontract process required to manufacture the complete rake providing a one-stop-shop for the customer.

Complex foil geometries for gas path and immersion probes are produced on our 4 and 5 axis machines, with in process inspection using zero point fixturing and our automated CMM.

Complex tube manipulation and micro spot welding of shim to match them to complex aerofoil and blade forms with all processes controlled in house using blade forms and tooling manufactured on our multi axis machines.

The rakes and probes are then thoroughly inspected in our AS9100 certified quality department providing all the documentation required for on time delivery.


Bowyer Engineering Instrumentation

As a means of maintaining our USP ‘The Complete Solution’ Bowyer Engineering is pleased to announce their new Temperature Sensors/Thermocouples manufacturing capability to further compliment the manufacture of their synonymous range of Thermal and Pressure Rakes for the Commercial Aero engine development programs. Bowyer Engineering Instrumentation are currently assisting with the development of future greener, cleaner and environmentally friendly Aero Engine concepts worldwide.

Aerospace Temperature Sensors

Bowyer Engineering offer a wide range of temperature sensors for aero engine testing, including temperature rakes, vane and kiel heads, engine test rigs, test beds and flight compliance engines. We can offer expert technical advice on choice of temperature sensors at the design stage.

Reduced Tip Thermocouples

Bowyer also offer a wide range of Reduced Tip Thermocouple designs for customers who need to accomodate more thermocouples in a restricted space and who require robust thermocouples with extra fast response and reliability. A unique process developed by Bowyer produces a reduced tip down to 0.3mm diameter. This process has proven to be highly reliable over many years of use in Aero Engine Testing.

Industrial Temperature Sensors

We supply high specification Quality Approved Temperature Sensors to a wide range of sectors, including type K, N, J, T, R & S Thermocouples and various Resistance Thermometers.From small diameter (0.25mm), fast response thermocouples to large diameter assemblies with either Insulated, Grounded or Exposed Junctions.Bowyer Engineering Temperature Sensors have proven to be highly reliable over many years.

Survey Thermocouples

We also supply survey thermocouples for close tolerance temperature work along with a Certified Calibration Service, traceable to National Standards.

CNC Milling

rapid prototypes or large quantity runs of specialist precision parts using 3-axis 4-axis and 5-axis CNC mills.

CNC Turning

Our CNC turning process produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts.

EDM Notching

Capacity to design, manufacture and notch bespoke ultrasonic, eddy current and radiography NDT inspection standards.

Instrumentation - Rakes & Probes

Manufacturing and repair services for gas turbines. Aero engine and power generation units

Inspection Arms & Manipulators

We design and build engine sections to aid the development of the manipulator.

Special Purpose Machines & Automation

Our CNC turning process produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts.