Becky raises awareness for Parkinson’s through volunteering


Written by Becky Buckingham – Project Coordinator at Bowyer Engineering.

My mum has lived with Parkinson’s disease for 11 years now. As the years went on since she was diagnosed, she attended a local Parkinson’s gym at the hospital. Unfortunately, when due to lack of staff and the pandemic the Parkinson’s gym came to an end.

In October 2023 I was looking to see what there was in Andover for people living with Parkinson’s. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything locally which left me disappointed.

I contacted our local MP Phillip North and the Parkinson’s UK charity asking if there was something that could be done and volunteering my time to help with getting things up and running.

Following on from this Parkinsons UK and the Ican Therapy centre arranged a Parkinsons information event in Andover.

The event had various people speaking, from health care professionals, employees of Parkinsons UK and Ican therapy centre as well as people who live with Parkinsons, it was really successful.

My mum has seen since joined Ican therapy centre and the support she receives has been amazing. It’s allowed my mum to have a safe space to go and use the equipment at her own pace.

Since then, I have continued to stay in touch with Parkinsons UK and we are working together with the amazing team at Ican therapy centre to arrange a regular coffee meet for patients and their partners, families and/or carers, giving them the opportunity to meet new people who understand what they are going through.

For me this is just the start and I hope to continue to work with Parkinsons UK to get more local support and events up and running.

Parkinsons UK is a charity close to my heart and I see first hand how hard this disease can be for everyone who lives with it. If my help brings help to others and puts a smile on my mums’ face, it’s definitely worth it

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