Project Description

At Bowyer Engineering, in addition to meeting relatively standard requirements, we enjoy the challenge of difficult applications where novel or unusual solutions are required for success. We are able to work with customer drawings in all the popular formats, in both 2D or 3D, and use Solidworks 3D CAD package to design the tooling along with ‘e-drawings’ to communicate throughout the design process with our customers. We provide full documentation and customer support throughout the life of the tooling.

Bowyer Engineering has developed particular expertise in the design and manufacture of tooling for use in conjunction with robotic manipulators. Once predominately for use in the Automotive Industry, we now provide solutions to a wide range of manufacturers who are seeking to automate their production facilities. Most commonly, this involves the design and manufacture of fixturing to locate and clamp component parts whilst allowing robot access to MIG, TIG or spot weld the components. We also supply purpose-designed end–of-arm tooling that allows robotic manipulation for a wide variety of applications from press-tending and machine-loading to sack-grippers, pallet-lifters and box-handling and packing.

We use portable CMM (computerised measurement machines) to ensure initial accuracy of our tooling and to assist with on-site commissioning.

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